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     We are suppliers and commercial agents working in Cairo - Egypt, since 1997.

   Basicly, we are authenticated commercial agents in Egypt, for some of the largest Chinese
(ISO 9002 certified) companies specialized in producing and supplying industrial chemical
products, for various industrial purposes, such as:

1. Detergent Industry.

2. Aluminium Industry.

3. Petrochemical Industry.

4.PVC Plastic Industry.

5.Tomato Paste Industry.

6.Cement Industry.

7. Crystal production.

8. Paper Industry.

9. Glucose manufacturing.

10. Water treatment Materials.

11. Additives of food stuff.

12. Biochemical / Natural Herb Extracts.

13. Pharmaceutical raw materials.

14. Ceramic Material.

15. Rubber additive.

As mentioned in detail in our product list.

To check, review and survey our product list, click (Products).

    We had performed many successful supply processes during the past years, to many
large manufacturing companies in Egypt, belonging to some of the a.m. types of industries.

    Also we have broad-wide communications and business relationships with many large
famous suppliers, world-wide, supplying industrial chemicals (in India, spain and Holland).

    For more details about the specification of any product, packing, delivery time, prices, ...,
any other details or sending inquiry or orders, you can easily and immediately be with us,
just (contact us).